Shipping delays?

Shipping delays?

December 12, 2018 UPDATE    Shipping deadlines for pre-holiday delivery have passed except for Canada (the 13th) but it appears packages are arriving in the usual amount of time (1 to 8 business days depending on where you are).  In other words, no noticeable delays despite what Canada Post management claimed.  Let’s hear it for our posties!  And yours, of course, since they carry your package the final leg of its journey.

November 28, 2018  UPDATE  Canada Post service has resumed and normal shipping is in effect.  We anticipate there may be some slow downs at the post office in the coming first few days but things should otherwise be on schedule.

November 21, 2018

Brrrrrrrrr cold weather has arrived here!

Please be aware that Canada Post and CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) negotiations continue as do CUPW’s rotating strikes.  Flock of Tea Cosy’s Canadian orders are currently affected but international orders are not and continue using available alternate shipping methods.

International orders

International orders continue to be shipped using an alternate method although shipping is done twice a week instead of daily.  This means the posted holiday deadlines continue to apply.  Happy shopping!

Shipping to the USA – deadline Tuesday, December 11
Shipping to Europe & Australia/New Zealand – deadline Monday, December 3

Canadian orders

The rotating strikes across the country are affecting some orders so it’s a bit of a crap shoot as to whether orders will arrive in a timely manner.  At today’s date we continue to ship to Canadian addresses, but will reassess the situation next week.

We wish both parties success in their negotiations!

For further information:  Canada Post   and  CUPW


2018 Holiday Deadlines

2018 Holiday Deadlines

2018 holiday deadlines for shipping.

I know it seems far too early to be thinking about holiday shipping deadlines while it’s still balmy and beautiful in that early autumn way.

But, based on experience, the holiday season will come and in the interests of keeping you at the top of your gift-buying game here are the recommended order/shipping deadlines for 2018 as issued by Canada Post, which is the shipping service Flock of Tea Cosy uses.

#1.  =  The flock’s FREE shipping service.
#2.  =  Requires additional charges which I’ll work out if you request them in the “Note to Seller” box at check-out.
#3. =   A Canada Post service called Priority Post which guarantees next day delivery — very pricey, but sometimes money doesn’t matter (right?).  More info below.

In general, if you live in a large urban centre it takes less time to receive a mailed parcel.  The smaller centres have been the ones which require the outside limits of estimated delivery times.  This means that Canada Post’s recommended dates below may have some wiggle room if you live in a large urban centre.

Shipping to Canada
#1-Canada Post Parcel Post/Expedited – by Thursday, December 13
#2-Canada Post XpresspostTM by Thursday, December 20
(XPresspost service incurs additional charges ranging from $10 to $25)

Shipping to the USA
#1-Canada Post USA Small Packet-Airmail – by Tuesday, December 11
#2-Canada Post XpresspostTM – by Friday, December 14
(XPress service incurs additional charges ranging from $20 to $27)

Shipping to Europe & Australia/New Zealand
#1-Canada Post Inntl Small Packet-Airmail – by Monday, December 3
#2-Canada Post XpresspostTM by Friday, December 7
(XPresspost service incurs additional charges ranging from $60 to $65) (Ouch).

Canada Post’s NEXT DAY PRIORITY POST – is available up until December 17 (Australia/New Zealand), December 18 (Europe), December 19 (USA) and December 21 (Canada).  The additional fees will be calculated on request — they vary by city and region — but think ‘$$$$$’.

And thanks to Wikipedia for the beautiful public domain image of the carrier pigeon.

Bundling-sale continues

Bundling-sale continues

Bundling sale of eco-friendly coasters, hot-pads & mousepads

Many of the flock’s small, smart accessories are offered at a discount of 30% when bundled with some select cosies.  If applicable, the offer will appear when you view the item in the shop..

Coaster set in red wool felt


Trivets (aka hotpads) and coaster sets are excellent companions to your teapot or french-press coffee cosies, and as part of Flock of Tea Cosy’s Puzzle-Piece project they are tableware with a conscience.  Puzzled together from the offcuts of cosy production they reduce waste, and look smart doing it.  Hear, hear.

Modern tea cosy in Moss Green wool felt

Have a look


Our modern teaware bundling sale continues….

Unique. Modern. Functional.

Fall 2018 sale shelf

Fall 2018 sale shelf

Fall 2018 sample sale modern tea cozy, end of line, etc…

As the cool weather approaches an autumnal cleaning urge has been part of settling into the workshop rhythm.  Cupboards sorted, bins rearranged, that sort of thing.  A few odd bits and pieces emerge like end of stock or colour items, or sample pieces or one-offs.

Sample sale tablet sleeve orange wool felt sample sale modern tea cozy in black wool felt

These have been neatly sorted onto the SALE SHELF for your consideration.

Sale Items

Although on sale, all items are made to the same high standards and with the same beautiful wool felt that is a feature of the flock’s wares.

New French press coffee cozy

New French press coffee cozy

New french press coffee cozy design

You may have seen this coming but, for Fall 2018, here comes the french press coffee cozy version of our “Baseball” design.  Steeper shoulder curves, same buzzy zig-zag stitching on the dart, simple clean curved profile which looks completely at home on morning breakfast counters and evening dinner tables.

Modern french press coffee cozy in Moss Green wool felt

Designed with modern simplicity to fit Bodum’s “Chambord” french press coffee makers in the 8cup and 12cup sizes.

Seen here in fresh Moss Green which brings a breath of spring to any table.  Made from thick (3mm) European 100% wool felt to their highest standards.   This is some of the best, dense, wool felt made in the world.  And beautiful to boot.

And it’s a natural fabric — baa-baa sheep wool — which is a renewable resource and thus a wonderfully “green” choice for your tableware.  An eco-friendly choice as well as a beautiful choice.

A perfect fit for the home of any modern coffee lover.

French press coffee cozy in Moss Green

8cup Baseball Coffee Cosy

12cup size of our new french press coffee cozy coming soon



Nov 28: Canada Post service has resumed and normal shipping is in effect. Dismiss