A collection of images from Flock of Tea Cosy.  For current offerings please check the shop.

Modern tea cozy with pink tassel Festive modern tea cozy in Moss GreenTC STand Tassel w Fuchia in Moss H

Trivet Moss Green Reverse GF w daffs   Peony & trivet C small  Oval Trivet in Pimento Wool Felt with Tulips

The flock’s “Puzzle Piece” reversible teapot trivets made from wool felt scraps…

Ribbed w eggs and sage

“Ribbed” style tea cosy, each unique, check shop for current offerings

Group w eggs

Custom Coffee Cosy in GF w Flowery top SOLD  Custom 3 Coffee Cosies B

A one-off tea cozy w flowery top SOLD to the west coast

Scene Ribbed Green E w c

A spring cup of tea with a “Ribbed” style tea cosy, check the shop for current offerings

TC Ribbed label closeup B

The new Classic-Clean and the Classic 12 …si bon!

A flock of smart felt tea cosies by Flock of Tea Cosy

The flock's Classic Clean style in Grey Flannel wool felt SOLD OUT

Mister Big and Mister Small. See shop for current "Ribbed" style offerings.

A pair of one-off “Ribbed” style wool felt tea cosies SOLD

A chatter of pinking along its edges. SOLD OUT

A custom cozy for coffee maker. SOLD

Buttony one-off, now living in Australia SOLD

“Buttony” — a one-off that’s now in Australia

Unique. Modern. Functional.