Apologies, due to unforeseen circumstances it’s been a bit of an up and down holiday shopping season here at flockofteacosy .  You know, life, and things we love that matter more than shopping and tea cosies.  (Although we heartily believe in both!)


Orders can be shipped worldwide by the regular shipping method between December 16 and 23, 2017 although, unless you are in Toronto, will not be received by Christmas — but will be received by New Years Day or shortly thereafter.

In those cases, Flock of Tea Cosy is happy to provide a emailable “Coming Soon” card so there is something to put under the tree.

XPress Post Option or local pickup in Toronto

Alternatively, in Canada you can spring for 2-day XPress Post until December 20th.  In the USA you can spring for 3-day XPress Post until December 16th. (This is no longer an option for Europe, Australia or New Zealand.)

Or, if you are in Toronto you are welcome to pick-up from the workshop in downtown west-end, High Park area.


A reminder that the shop’s annual winter closure will be commencing December 23, 2017 and it will re-open in early spring 2018.  If you’re thinking of treating yourself to one of the flock’s wares to get you through the cold winter months, now is the time to do it.

The shop is closed for its annual winter break and will re-open in early April, in plenty of time for Mother's Day. Dismiss