These coasters are made from scraps of the wonderful, thick, wool felt left over from the tea cosies, and fit together into unique pieces.  The many little pieces are joined with zig-zag stiching — the Flock seems to be in love with zig-zag detailing. Carefully fitting them together is a wonderful piece of puzzling so they’ve been dubbed “the puzzle pieces.”

These work perfectly to protect your tabletop or desk from hot mugs of tea or coffee as well as damp vase bottom.

This set of four coasters is made from a single layer of a Pimento Red 100% European wool felt and stitched with matching red thread.  The organic shapes are roughly circular, each irregular and unique so every set of coasters is slightly different.  The seam ends are all buttonhole stiched at the edges and around any interior openings as a decorative detail and to prevent fraying.  The back is as finished as the front.

SIZE:  approximately 4 1/4″ (11cm) in diameter.

Each one unique. None the same. Like a piece of art.

Shipping is FREE.


I was inspired in part to keep all the felt scraps — besides the fact the felt is so dear — by Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, an American rug manufacturer who, in the seminal 2003 documentary The Corporation, talked about reclaiming the wasted roll ends of carpets to make more beautiful carpets. By doing this they reduced the amount of petroleum that had to be pulled from the earth and saved their company money all at the same time. That’s eco logic. Waste not, want not.

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