The clever modern design of this coffee cosy accommodates the plunger on french press coffee makers. Once the plunger is lowered, the cosy’s opening is easily and gently folded under itself to keep the heat in, and to sit squarely on the pot.  The cozy’s clean profile has straight sides and a shallow asymmetrically curved top which mimics the shape of the French press.

Moss Green is a wonderful, perennially fresh colour.  The material is a luxurious 1/8″ (3mm) thick, 100% wool felt imported from Europe which is manufactured to OekoTek 100 standards which ensures it is non-toxic.

This coffee cosy is specifically designed to fit the popular French press coffee maker from Bodum called “Chambord.

COSY SIZE:  19.5″ circumference and 9.5″ height which comfortably accommodates the popular Bodum “Chambord” coffee press 1L (8cup, 34oz) size, as well as other similarly sized french presses.

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For your reference, the “Chambord” 8 cup  (1L, 34 oz) coffee press has the following dimensions:
Diameter without handle = 10.5cm (4 1/8″)
Width from spout to handle edge = 17.1cm (6 3/4″)
Circumference with handle = 41cm (16 1/4″)
Height including knob = 24.5cm (9 1/2″)

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