Looking for a smart, modern tea cosy to go with your modern life?  The Flock’s cosies all feature sleek, uncluttered design while offering high functionality: wool felt is an excellent insulator and, being a natural fabric, is biodegradable and a renewable resource.  Anything else you need?

This is the flock’s classic, modern, curved profile with its centre dart closed with zig-zag ‘baseball’ stitching.   It is made from thick (3mm), 100% top-quality wool felt from Europe in the wonderfully fresh Moss Green which adds a touch of spring to any table.

SIZE: STANDARD   25″ circumference and 9″ height fits most average-size (32oz or 4 cup) tea pots.  Puzzled?  Have a look at the flock’s sizing diagram.

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Unique. Modern. Functional


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