2020 has certainly not been the nicest of years but look, we’re 3/4 through and there’s a holiday season on the horizon.  I’m opting for the glass-half-full view today (am not focusing on nixed winter travel plans, for instance).

Modern coffee cosy in Slate Grey European 100% wool felt

Today is National Coffee day in Canada and the USA and Thursday, October 1st, is International Coffee Day.  Even though this is Flock of TEA Cosy, we’ve got you covered if you’re a coffee drinker — beautiful cosies sized to fit Bodum’s popular Chambord french press in the 8cup and 12cup size and designed with a modern sensibility.  And they fit many other french press makers as well.

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Minimalist coffee cozy in Mulberry Red wool felt  Modern coffee cosy in Industrial felt blue

In addition, a tea-drinking client told me last year that the coffee cosy was an excellent fit for her tall, narrow (elegant) teapot.  Talk about multi-tasking.