Totally cliché, but some days a bowl of fruit is just irresistible to paint.

Watercolour painting of bananas and a pear in a celadon green china bowl in afternoon light.

Here are a few from the past few years.

Watercolour painting of two fresh figs in a Blue Willow china dish

The painting practise was dubbed West of Lunch.  Explore on Pinterest or follow on Instagram.  Some are offered for sale in the shop.

Watercolor painting of four fresh fall pears in a green plastic box. 


Watercolour sketch of orange slices, Girona, spain


SOLD Summer Tomatoes


Watercolor painting of three different fresh mushrooms on a white background, Valencia, Spain

If you don’t see it in the shop and are interested in purchasing feel free to contact me via the Contact Form (at the bottom of the page).