The flock’s “Ribbed” style tea cosies have a wonderful puffer-fish expandability — but it wasn’t until quite a while after I designed them that I finally fully stuffed one of the Standard size and measured its circumference.

TC Standard Ribbed o21 Y

Woof — a  37″ circumference!  Allowing an inch of pinch this would accommodate a teapot (including spout and handle) up to about 35″ around.  If you’ve a large teapot, feel free to contact me and we can measure the height of its spout and handle, etc and ensure it will fit.

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

TC Standard Ribbed o21 X

It works equally well on most standard 4-cup teapots though, which is what I use mine for.  That’s the magic of this design — it’s very accommodating.

Ribbed tea cosies