When I was in Paris a few weeks ago I was strolling through the Musee D’Orsay’s decorative arts galleries when my eye caught this beauty.  Dating from 1904-07,  it’s designed by Carlo Bugatti, father of Ettore Bugatti who started the eponymous  automobile company.

I confess ignorance of Bugatti Sr’s (1856-1940) work as a designer.  He was trained as an architect but apparently never worked as one.  Instead he became a highly successful designer of household objects — side-tables, chairs, night-stands, stools, tableware, etc.

Okay, I thought it was a teapot but apparently it’s a watering can!  Or at least a model for one.  But it’s simply beautiful, yes?

(And I’m sure I could have used it as a teapot although would have called for a rather odd-looking tea cosy.)