As for everyone else, there’s no overseas traveling for me this winter and that means the shop will stay open through to spring (ah spring).  More time cutting and sewing and keeping the mind and body occupied during these strange times.  Also, it’s bl**dy cold out there these days and I’m not so good with that kind of cold.

Minimalist tea cosy in thick blue designer wool felt

In other news, there are a couple of new colours in the workshop.  Somewhat limited supply, but beautiful while they last.

A wonderful deep Indigo Blue — very elegant — and tropical Coral Orange.

Minimalist modernist tea cosy in Coral Orange

It’s orange with a little pink in it.  There’s also a fresh batch of Moss Green which always evokes spring and new forest growth for me.

Expandable modern tea cosy in wool felt Moss Green

A fresh pot of tea — or coffee — is just what the doctor ordered these days, isn’t it.  Whether it’s after a good walk in the park or during a video teaparty with friends or family.

French press or Bodum coffee cosy in indigo blue wool felt modern design Modern coffee cozy for french press in Moss Green wool felt

Tea Cosies  Coffee Cosies

Small tea cosy six sided in wool felt colourful