The cosy is hand-made of a thick (3+mm), Industrial wool (85%) felt made in Canada in mottled blue-grey which is a natural blend of light and dark wools, and topped with a hang-tab in Burnt Orange. This is the flock’s Classic curved, modern shape and”Baseball” design elongated to fit a french-press coffee maker. Its centre dart is closed with zig-zag ‘baseball’ stitching in contrasting orange thread, seam stitching is in blue-grey (note: photos show orange seam stitching, no longer available). Front and back are the same.

Our minimalist, manly french press cozy design appeals to a modernist sensibility as well as any coffee drinker who likes eco-friendly products.

Flock of Tea Cosy’s coffee cozy designs are made to fit the popular French-press by Bodum called “Chambord.” They will also happily fit other coffee presses, carafes or items with similar or smaller measurements.

COSY SIZE: 19.5″ circumference and 9.5″ height which comfortably accommodates the popular Bodum “Chambor” coffee press 1L (8cup, 34oz) size, as well as other similarly sized french presses. Check here for more details on fittings.

Psssst: the seventh wedding anniversary is wool.

* * *

For your reference, the “Chambord“ 8 cup (1L, 34 oz) coffee press has the following dimensions:
Diameter without handle = 10.5cm (4 1/8″)
Width from spout to handle edge = 17.1cm (6 3/4″)
Circumference with handle = 41cm (16 1/4″)
Height including knob = 24.5cm (9 1/2”)