An original coffee cozy design by flockofteacosy made to fit the dimensions of the popular French press coffee by Bodum called “Chambord.”  It will also fit other coffee presses, carafes or items with similar or smaller measurements.

This unique cozy design features an opening to accommodate the extendable knob of the french press.  Once the knob is lowered, the opening is easily and gently folded under itself to keep the heat in, and to sit squarely on the pot.  The cozy’s clean profile has straight sides and a shallow asymmetrically curved top which mimics the shape of the French press.

It is hand-made of a thick (3+mm), 95% wool industrial felt, and sewn with contrasting red thread.  The colour is the natural, un-dyed, ‘baa-baa black sheep’ wool — a creamy-grey/brown.  It’s just a little thicker than the coloured European felt, and firmer — so the cosy has a very solid, architectural presence. The industrial wool felt is manufactured for vibration absorption – but it makes a darn fine cosy.

 COSY SIZE:  19.5″ circumference and 10″ height which accommodates the popular Bodum “Chambord” coffee press 1Litre (8cup) size.


For your reference, the “Chambord” 1L (8 cup, 34oz) coffee press has the following dimensions:
Diameter without handle = 10.5cm (4 1/8″)
Width from spout to handle edge = 17.1cm (6 3/4″)
Circumerference with handle = 41cm (16.25″)
Height including knob = 24.5cm (9.5″)