Our minimalist french press cozy design appeals to a modernist sensibility as well as any coffee drinker who likes eco-friendly products.

It is hand-made of a thick (3mm),industrial wool(85%) felt made in Canada which is a natural blend of light and dark wools giving it a soft mottled blue-grey colour, and topped with a hang-tab in Burnt Orange.  The wool felt gives the cosy a firm, solid, architectural presence.  This is the flock’s Classic curved, modern shape and “Baseball” design elongated to fit a french-press coffee maker.  Its centre dart is closed with zig-zag ‘baseball’ stitching. Front and back are the same.

FYI the felt is manufactured to OekoTex 100 standards which ensures it is non-toxic.

Flock of Tea Cosy’s coffee cozy designs are made to fit the popular French-press by Bodum called “Chambord.”  They will also happily fit other coffee presses, carafes or items with similar or smaller measurements — and teapots with a taller profile and a higher spout.

COSY SIZE:  20″ circumference and 11″ height which accommodates the popular Bodum “Chambord” coffee press 1.5L (12cup) size, as well as other similarly sized french presses.

Psssst:  the seventh wedding anniversary is wool.

* * *

For your reference, the “Chambord” 1.5L (12 cup, 51 oz) coffee press has the following dimensions:
Diameter without handle = 12.4cm (4 7/8″)
Width from spout to handle edge = 19.3cm (7 5/8″)
Circumference with handle = 46.5cm (18 1/4″)
Height including knob = 25.3cm (10″)