If you’re a slow sipper you might appreciate this thick wool felt mug warmer.  Keeps your big mug of tea or coffee hot while you sip and enjoy at your own life-appreciating speed.  Called away to consult on the latest contract?  No problem — wrap your mug in this cosy until you return.

Sewn from thick (3mm) industrial felt made from industrial wool (85%) felt made in Canada in a lovely soft, neutral blue-grey.  The stitching is in a contrasting orange and features zig-zag ‘baseball’ stitching on the dart.

Designed to fit a tall 16oz mug with a handle — it also fits a tall, 20oz take-out paper cup.

MUG COSY 16oz – fits 12 3/4″ (31cm) circumference.
Fittings Mug Cosy Y