This is the flock’s classic modern curved profile with its centre dart jazzed with zig-zag ‘baseball’ stitching.   It is made from thick (3+mm), 90% wool industrial felt in its natural baa-baa colours, and topped with a handy hang-tab.  It’s just a little thicker than the coloured European felt, and firmer — so the cosy has a very solid, architectural presence.

FYI the industrial felt has been very popular with architects and designers.

SIZE: SMALL Accommodates a teapot with a maximum 19.5″ circumference and 7″ height; fits most small, 2-cup (18oz or 500ml) tea pots.

More? Yes! A client told me they use their small tea cosy to keep their breakfast bowl of soft boiled eggs warm. How cool is that?

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