This three-coloured modern multi-panel tea cosy has six sides, each carefully sewn with thread to match the panel.  It is made with thick, European, all-wool felt in a deep Indigo Blue, Magenta and Pistachio Green and topped off with a Sky Blue hang-tab for easy doffing and donning of the cosy on your teapot.

The “Ribbed” cosies are made from smaller off-cut pieces of felt in the workshop so the colourways are not regularly duplicated and mostly one-of-a-kind.  The ribs of an umbrella inspired their name.

This multi panel tea cosy design’s inwardly curved bottom cups and holds the pot in a most satisfying way, and I love the way it gently expands to encompass the teapot.  If your teapot is a little larger — or you just like the look — while the cosy is over your teapot, you can also tug gently on opposite sides and the stiff felt will pop out and further expand like a turban-shaped tent to enclose the teapot.

Size: SMALL 20″ circumference x 7.5″ interior height fits most small, 2-cup teapots (18 to 24 oz)., and because of its expandable shape can accommodate some larger teapots as well.  Puzzled?  Have a look at the flock’s sizing diagram.

Flock of Tea Cosy accepts payment via PayPal and by credit cards through PayPal.  FoTC never has your credit card number.