This tea cosy sports a wonderfully exuberant and joyful tassel in Fuchia Pink which just can’t help but make you happy.   Its clean curved profile is complemented by a chatter of signature zig-zag pinking along the bottom.  Made of 100% 1/8″ (3mm) fine wool felt imported from Europe.  Front and back are similar.  The colour, Moss Green, is spring-fresh and always welcome.

SIZE: STANDARD – 25″ circumference and 9″ height fits most average-size (32oz or 4 cup) tea pots.  Puzzled?  Have a look at the Fittings tab.

Did you know that wool felt is a completely eco-friendly product? Wool is a renewable resource (every spring) and this European wool felt is manufactured to Oeko-Tex 100 standards which means it is certified free of toxic materials in its making. Here in the studio the glue used to assemble the top tassel is also certified to be non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Sleep well!

PS:  did you know the 7th wedding anniversary is wool?

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