Ugh it’s an unbelievably grey, mushy, sloggy, soggy January day here.  Pouring rain, melting snow, icy patches.  You know what I mean.

Tea and marmalade A

However, nothing that some tea and toast and marmy (made on Saturday) can’t fix.

Tea and marmalade C

The tea is a Ti Kwan Yin oolong from the Fujian province in China, a gift from The Tea Stylist from her trip there last summer — a wonderful treat.  Light, mouthwatering, a fresh floral aroma with a hint of pear and a soft smokyness.  You can see from the leaves and the pale green-gold colour of the liquor that it is a lightly oxidised oolong — only a little bit of red-brown oxidation showing on the edges of the leaves.

Tea and marmalade D

There.  I feel better already.