From: Texas, USA / Wales, UK
Items: Standard Baseball tea cosy in Coral Orange + Standard Baseball tea cosy in Moss Green
I am an architect, and rather choosy about things like tea cosies, and it is really hard to find one that isn’t too twee.  So I was so delighted with your great design, and now that they have arrived, impressed with the quality and beauty.  Everyone comments on them.

From: Oregon, USA
Item: Standard Ribbed in Moss Green
(I also) love that it’s wool, as I’m making some effort to purchase things that aren’t made entirely of plastic or petroleum-based materials. 

From:  New York state, USA
Item:    Small “Ribbed” in Purple, Slate Grey & Green w Pink tab
your designs stand out as remarkable forms in well-crafted materials.  We have two of your cosies at home and always keep them in mind as an excellent gift idea.

From:  Ohio, USA
Item:    Standard “Tassel” in Moss Green w Fuschia tassel
Just wanted you to know that the Tea Cosy was a big hit!  It was a birthday gift and the recipient flipped over it!

From:  Washington, USA
Item:    2 x Small multicoloured “Ribbed” tea cosies
I like your modern and sleek design…

From:  California, USA
Item:    Small “Baseball” tea cosy in Royal Purple
Your tea cozy stood out because of the contemporary style…Simple strong design with a touch of whimsy.

From:   Edmonton, Canada
Item:    8-cup “Neu” coffee cosy in Burnt Orange
You make, by far, the most attractive tea and coffee cozies I have seen!

From:     Massachusetts, USA
Item:      “Classic 13” in Industrial Felt
(I am) an architect and my taste in color and design was absolutely thrilled by your tea cosy and website.

From:   Victoria,  Australia
Item:     Standard size “Baseball” in Industrial felt
I love it…you are amazingly clever to make industrial felt look so chic!

From:    The Netherlands
Item:     Standard size “Classic Clean” in Midnight Black w Green hang-tab
They are awesome and work perfectly.

From:    California, USA
Item:     Standard size “Baseball” in Industrial felt
The two tea cozies have been a huge success– thank you! 

From:    New York, USA
Item:     Standard size “Classic Clean” in Industrial felt with Tangerine hang-tab
You are the only one out there with something that does not look like something from an old ladies home.

From:    Massachusetts, USA
Item:     Small Tea Cozy in Burnt Orange w Chartreuse hang-tab
What a delightful tea cosy!! So well made, über cool design, great color and impeccable craftsmanship.

From:    Nova Scotia, Canada
Item:     Custom-made tea cosy in Brite Red
Having been gifted with an enormous 10 cup tea pot, it was difficult to keep the contents warm because no tea cozy existed in the free world with which to cover it…..and then, eureka, ‘i found a flock of’ and my trials were over…it’s now part of the furniture and sits proudly in my kitchen…the tea pot was pretty much useless until the hand-made cozy came into my life !!

From:    Toronto, Canada
Item:     Custom Mug Cosy in Pimento w Midnight Black hang-tab
My new (mug) cosy is perfect and I admire it every time I use it! Thanks again for your excellent service.

From:    Rhode Island, USA
Item:     Standard and Small “Classic Clean” in Moss Green
I want to thank you for your brilliant tea cosy design, and for providing, as you say, an alternative to the flowery Victorian sort of tea cosy.

From:    Melbourne, Australia
Item:     Small “Classic” style in Burnt Orange
Thanks so much. It’s gorgeous!

From:     Utrecht, The Netherlands
Item:      “Classic 11” in Grey Flannel
Thanks for the awesome modern tea cozies, they look wonderful! Thanks!

From:      Montana, USA
Item:       Custom 4-Sided Coffee Cosy in Grey Cashmere
I am writing to tell you how much I love my new cosy! I love how clean it looks…so much so that upon emptying and cleaning my press I then leave the cosy on my coffee press and allow it to sit on the counter beside the grinder! Yes I am one of those picky people who don’t like much on the counter, so this is saying a lot! It is too handsome to hide away!

From:     Denmark
Item:      “Classic Clean” in Grey Flannel
All expectations fulfilled!

From:       Oregon, USA
Item:        “Tassel” in Grey Flannel
I have been looking FOREVER for a tea cosy for a friend whose whole house is white and black and grey and very modern. I could never find one that fit (until now!) Thanks! (Later) My friend received the cosy today, and immediately called me. She was thrilled!!!!

From:    Toronto, Canada
Item:     “Classic” style in Grey Flannel
We just received the tea cozy, it looks fantastic! Our office is very modern/minimalist so the tea cozy is the perfect aesthetic.

From:       California state, USA
Item:         Bespoke Tangerine Coffee Press Cozy
We have been looking for a cozy to fit his French press for literally the entire 21 years that we’ve been married, and to find one that is modern and goes with our Dwell-style home is just too exciting.  You’ve made this birthday extra special – thank you!

From:       Toronto, Canada
Item:         “Classic Clean” in Burnt Orange
These folks have been able to elevate what is possibly the ugliest thing in one’s home to the level of sculpture, the forms are amazing and the felt makes them want to be touched, besides which I’m sure the tea pots don’t mind hanging with them. (Winner of Covet Garden magazine Flock of Tea Cosy draw.)

rom:       San Francisco, USA
Item:        “Tassel” in Grey Flannel
GREAT DESIGN.   you’ve taken the grandmotherly assumption out. i love it.

From:     Lanark, Canada
Item:      “Classic 12” in Burnt Orange
I was looking for a tea cosy that didn’t look like it came from a ‘where bad material goes to die’ store so I searched …and found your AMAZING designed tea cosy!

From:    New York city, USA (repeat customer)
Item:     “Classic” in Grey Flannel
Gorgeous tea cozy! The quality and craftsmanship is high and the cozy really keeps the tea in the pot piping hot! We have a modernist home, and this tea cozy fulfills a lovely detail of our home as we drink tea every day and entertain often. Highly recommended!

From:       New York city, USA
Item:         Small “Tassel” in Burnt Orange
Love your cosy design!  Heads and shoulders above anything I’ve seen.

From: Dublin, Ireland
Item:  Small “Ribbed” in Slate Grey, Green, Purple w Purple tab
Your tea cosies are fab, it took me awhile to decide which one to buy as I also loved the moss green one!

From: California, USA
Item: Small Ribbed tea cosy
It’s so nice to find a tea cosy that is functional and looks good (and isn’t covered in flowers or geese or whatever). Thank you for filling a niche!

From: London, England
Item: 8cup Coffee Cosy “Baseball” in Moss Green, Standard “Ribbed” in Moss Green
We’re a couple of designers and love tea… and most tea cosies are terribly traditional.

From: Iceland
Item: 8cup Coffee Cosy in Moss Green
Your product looks very nice and I know for sure my mother will like it, we like wool things here in Iceland :) 

From: Massachusetts, USA
Item:  Small “Ribbed” in Purple, Blue & Green w Peacock Blue tab
Love our new tea cosy. We use it with our large Chatsford teapot that we purchased many years ago from Upton Tea.

From:  Sydney, Australia
Item:   Standard “Classic Clean” in Moss Green w Chartreuse hang-tab
Your tea cosies are really the best I’ve ever come across…The two I have look as good as the day I bought them and they do wonderful service.

From:  California, USA
Item:   8cup “Neu” in Princes Purple
The color is sumptuous and …most importantly, it keeps the tea HOT. Thank you for a beautifully minimalist looking and brilliantly effective cosy!

From:    London, UK (repeat customer)
Item:     Standard size Ribbed in Grey Flannel with Tangerine hang-tab
I bought a small tea cosy from you recently and am loving it! So is my girlfriend who’s BEGGING me to replace our larger Victorian tea cosy with one of yours.  Well, I need no convincing!

From:    Kansas, USA
Item:     Small “Ribbed” style tea cosy in Royal Purple, Midnight Black & Moss Green
I am absolutely thrilled with it. Expert craftsmanship, packaged beautifully— Flock of Tea Cosy is a very classy act!

From:    Conneticut, USA
Item:     8cup “Neu” Coffee Cosy in Moss Green,  Standard size “Baseball” in Royal Purple
I love my green cozy. I have a tall teapot (I know it’s meant for a cafetierre) that I use every day and it fits perfectly! Great design, especially the subtly asymmetric cut.  Looking forward to meeting the purple cozy, too. (LATER: The purple cozy arrived yesterday- love it!)

From:    Massachusetts, USA (repeat customer)
Item:    “Classic” in Grey Flannel
We love the one we have already — so handsome and perfect at keeping the Betty warm, just the right size!

From:    Toronto, Canada
Item:     Custom Bodum cosy in Moss Green with Grey Flannel hang-tab
The coffee cosy is even more charming than I had hoped—and the most astounding custom fit!

From:    Sidney, Australia
Item:     Standard size “Classic Clean” in Grey Flannel with Bright Red hang-tab
The small cosy that I bought from you previously is used daily and still looks brand new. So the choice of a replacement (for my larger pot) was an easy one.

From:     Texas, USA
Item:      “Tassel” in Midnight Black
First of all, I love that this tea cozy is neither quilted nor floral! It holds the warmth of my teapot for multiple cups of hot tea.

From:      New South Wales, Australia
Item:       “Classic Clean” in Burnt Orange wool felt
Great design that works – I can thoroughly recommend these great looking tea cosies!

From:     New York city, USA
Item:     “Classic Clean” in Midnight Black
You are now my go-to tea cozy provider! Wow – great quality and so elegant – without being dowdy or fussy. Love this cozy – highly recommend – great gift item! Thanks so much.

From:    Illinois, USA
Items:   Bespoke coffee cosy in Grey Flannel and small “Classic 11” in Fuschia
The cozies arrived today, and I LOVE them.  Nice and thick and the colors are great.  Thanks so much for your help and for such nice work!

From:     Pennsylvania, USA
Item:       “Classic 11” in Grey Flannel
We just received the tea cosy and LOVE it!!!! Such a great design.

From:     New Hampshire, USA
Item:      “Classic 11” in Grey Flannel, Small “Classic 11” in Industrial felt, “Tassel” in Industrial felt
The cosies have arrived safe and sound. They are such good quality. I will keep two and deliver one to my tea loving good friend.

From:       California, USA
Item:         Small “Classic” in Burnt Orange
I received your wonderfully designed tea cosy last week as a birthday gift  from (a friend) – I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

From:       Pennsylvania, USA
Item:         “Tassel” style in Tangerine
LOVE the cozy.  I’m a huge fan of felt, in general, and this I can look at all the time in my kitchen.  :)

From:     North Carolina, USA
Item:      Small “Classic 11” in Brite Red
This is as high-quality as it looks…

From:    Brooklyn, USA
Item:     Small “Tassel” style in Brite Red
Beautiful!  Party girl red is spot on, and so is your work.  Thank you so much for all your help and consideration and super sharp eye for detail—and thank you especially for having the sensibility and motivation to make keeping our tea warm a positive affair.

From:    Washington, USA
Item:     Small “Tassel” in Grey Flannel
Elegant, functional, sturdy and well made! Thank you so much for the lovely cozy!

From:    Brooklyn, USA
Item:     “Tassel” style  in Burnt Orange
Gorgeous color, beautifully made, and arrived on time as promised! All that, and hot tea — I’m thrilled!

From:    Illinois state, USA
Item:     “Tassel” style in Industrial Felt
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! It’s perfect and figuring out shipping together was a breeze! Thank you!!

From:    British Columbia, Canada
Item:     Bespoke “Classic” style cosy in Industrial Felt
Best-looking, most highly functional tea-cosy ever! Excellent service and excellent product! Recommended to all!

From:    New York city, USA
Item:     Small “Classic” style in Eco Felt
Great tea cozy. Modern and good craftsmanship!

From:    Massachusetts, USA
Item:     “Classic” style in Berry Red with 8 buttons
Saving this for a special gift on mother’s day. Thank you! Gorgeous modern design.

From:    Wisconsin, USA
Item:    “Tassel” style in Burnt Orange
I love the contemporary design.