Have you seen these?  Perhaps it’s the spring in my garden — the sweet warm air, the fresh almost rubbery flowery buds, the crazily chirping birds — but my mind has been turning to garden structures and what more appropriate for this flock than a modern tea house?

modern tea house in Japan
A tea house by Terunobu Fujimori

The Black Tea House By David Maštálka of A1 Architects with sculptor Vojtech Bilisic.

The Hat Tea House, also by A1 Architects

Tokyotoshi Prefab Teahouse
pre-fab tea house kit from Tokyo Toshi

A student project by Simon Kaempfer

Actually designed by Saunders Architecture (photo by Iwan Baan) as an artist’s studio for Fogo Island, but a cup of tea would taste delicious in here I think.

I’d happily take any one of these, you?