Not everyone got the hang of tea…

Not everyone got the hang of tea…

I’m a big fan of Bill Bryson.  For the past several years, since I discovered his writings, I’ve made a point of taking one of his books on my vacation.  It ensures I will fall off my deck chair in stitches at least once.

I recently read  his “At Home” which is a combination of history, humour and floor plans.  Here’s a great quote for all us tea lovers:

“Between 1699 and 1721, tea imports increased almost a hundredfold, from 13,000 pounds to 1.2 million pounds, then quadrupled again the thirty years to 1750 … Not everyone got the hang of tea immediately.  The poet Robert Southey related the story of a lady in the country who received a pound of tea as a gift from a city friend when it was still a novelty.  Uncertain how to engage with it, she boiled it up in a pot, spread the leaves on toast with butter and salt, and served it to her friends, who nibbled it gamely and declared it interesting but not quite to their taste.  Elsewhere, however, it raced ahead, in tandem with sugar.”

And you know, tea on toast?  Perhaps just ahead of her time.

Modern minimalist tea cozy in thick purple wool felt  

Summer shipping 2019

Summer shipping 2019

Yes, like a lot of you here in the northern hemisphere, I’m in and out of town visiting the lake country to try and keep cool and enjoy our fleeting warmer months.

Orders are shipped in and around those times.  Site-wide notices will let you know what those dates are.

Canada Day for modern tea cosies

Hope you have a chance to relax and enjoy the summer too…..


Hot that pot, then on with the tea cosy…

Hot that pot, then on with the tea cosy…

Almost every tea culture does it — warms the teapot (or teacup) with the boiling water before making the tea in it.  Why?  Because the room-temperature vessel will steal almost ten degrees Celsius from the hot water.  This means if you don’t pre-warm your teapot, your lovely tea loses that heat immediately.  One of this flock of tea cosies will do an excellent job of keeping your pot of tea hot, but it can only maintain the heat that’s there.

As you can see, within about 20 seconds this room-temperature ceramic creamer stole over 10 degrees celcius heat from the boiling water just like a teapot does.

So warm that teapot first, then slip your tea cozy over it (say, isn’t that a smart modern tea cozy right there) — and you’ll have piping hot tea for ages.

Tea in a Model T

Tea in a Model T

Hey, it’s almost summer solstice, and finally starting to feel like summer in these rainy parts.

A recent afternoon laydown on a comfy, cottage divan brought me to a book on Victorian Toronto and this wonderful antique snap of an impromptu tea party.  How dashingly civilised….

Tea in a Model T b

“TAKING TEA IN HER “T”, 1910s:  Far from the madding crowds and congested streets of downtown Toronto, photographer John Boyd, Sr. parked his Model T in a field (perhaps near Islington), and photographed his companion enjoying a cup of tea from the thermos balanced on the running board.  Personal mobility offered some obvious perks….”


Spring is here and so is SSL…

Spring is here and so is SSL…

Welcome spring!  We are so glad you’re here.

And welcome to Flock of Tea Cosy’s newly secure website.  We’ve (finally) implemented SSL — you can tell because there’s now https and a green padlock icon before all our URLs.  This means your internet connection and communication with our website is encrypted and secure.   In addition, and as it’s always been, if you shop on the site all money transactions are done offsite at PayPal’s own secure site, Flock of Tea Cosy never has your credit card details.  Rest easy.

Home decor tea cozies



New French press coffee cozy

New French press coffee cozy

New french press coffee cozy design

You may have seen this coming but, for Fall 2018, here comes the french press coffee cozy version of our “Baseball” design.  Steeper shoulder curves, same buzzy zig-zag stitching on the dart, simple clean curved profile which looks completely at home on morning breakfast counters and evening dinner tables.

Modern french press coffee cozy in Moss Green wool felt

Designed with modern simplicity to fit Bodum’s “Chambord” french press coffee makers in the 8cup and 12cup sizes.

Seen here in fresh Moss Green which brings a breath of spring to any table.  Made from thick (3mm) European 100% wool felt to their highest standards.   This is some of the best, dense, wool felt made in the world.  And beautiful to boot.

And it’s a natural fabric — baa-baa sheep wool — which is a renewable resource and thus a wonderfully “green” choice for your tableware.  An eco-friendly choice as well as a beautiful choice.

A perfect fit for the home of any modern coffee lover.

French press coffee cozy in Moss Green

8cup Baseball Coffee Cosy 12cup Baseball Coffee Cosy